Down The Memory Lane

A short inspiring story of the phenomenal ascend of J.C. MEMORIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

The year of initiation of the school was 2000. On 1st May, Late Mr. Jagadish Chandra Mandal, the founder principal of the school took a baby step and started the school with two learners.

After that there was no looking back. He, with a handful of dedicated teachers, nurtured the young minds with her erudition and helped them to blossom. Every good act faces some kind of impediments but that did not curb her enthusiasm or detract her from her goal.

His dedication was soon reflected and the school eventually started getting bigger and better. The number of students increased in leaps and bounds; so did the number of teachers. And thus, we witness the BDMI as it is now. The school has traversed a long path and it is a never-ending journey towards holistic educational excellence.