As the Principal of J.C.M.I.S, allow me to first to extend my warm greetings to all our students and their parents who will be joining us this new academic session. Let me assure you that you have just made the right investment in your child’s future. As you are no doubt aware, J.C.M.I.S is the most advanced and sophisticated school in this region with an eminent and highly trained faculty aided by class-leading infrastructure.
“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man.”
In that context, J.C.M.I.S is nothing but the medium through which our children find their inner perfection, and a gateway to the infinite pool of knowledge. The success of an educational institution like J.C.M.I.S cannot be measured in the number of years it has been active or any other metrics that count the numbers without any cognisance to more important, albeit subjective, things such as the quality of education or the depth of the curriculum.
At J.C.M.I.S, we believe that greatness is inherent in every child. It is the collective responsibility of the school, parents and society at large to bring out the greatness, which contributes positively to the march of civilization in these post-modern times. We understand the gigantic role that technology plays in the sphere of education today, and aid our students to reap its benefits in every which way possible. Our smart classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology, helping students grasp even the most difficult concepts with relative ease.
I hope that every student’s time here at J.C.M.I.S is interesting, enriching, and filled with the pursuit of higher knowledge. I welcome you all from the bottom of my heart and look forward to cultivate a fruitful future for each one of you.