Amidst its own genres of schools, J.C. MEMORIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is well known to be a ‘cut above the rest’ in the conduction of the daily morning assembly.

It is an elaborate occasion wherein the students stand in the central courtyard facing the stage. Another group of students gather on the stage guiding them through the prayer service. The morning assembly diligently commences with a prayer sung by the students in chorus.

Then the “Pledge” is read out from “Indian Constitution”. It is followed by highlighting the “News Bulletin of the Day”.

What follows is the most inspiring component of the assembly – sharing the “Thought of the Day” which is usually a proverb or quotation. Each chosen proverb is briefly described.

The morning assembly culminates with the reading of “Students Promises” followed by either the National Anthem or the School Song. This congregation of the students and the faculty members prior to the commencement of the day’s work acts as a motivating factor for both, thereby helping them sail through the day with poise and composure.